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July 16, 2007

I hate carpet

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Stains, to be more exact.  It takes approximately 3 days for the exact same stain to reappear.  It doesn’t matter what method I use to remove it, the stain comes back.  I have used every carpet stain removal method known to mankind. I am a housewife, I take my job seriously, I like to take pride in my homemaking skills and I feel it is my job to know how to remove carpet stains.  What I don’t know is how to keep the stain from reappearing.

I think I can safely compare this dilemma to dieting.  There are many ways to lose weight, there are many diet methods and workout regimens that work really well, but for some people the weight will keep coming back.  Not only will they gain the weight back, but they will be larger than they were before they began the diet. Just like my carpet stains.  

It started out as one, then two and then a few more. The source is varied, some from the animals, some from the kids, some from the mischievous stain elves that come out during the night.  I try to keep up with them but they grew. I hired a “professional”, and while it took less time for the guy to clean the carpet, and while it “seemed” (maybe it was hopeful thinking?) to stay clean for a longer period of time, the stains returned. In the exact same spots. Only bigger.


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