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July 20, 2007

Kids Say The Darndest Thing…

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Does anyone remember that show?  Bill Cosby chatting it up with kids, it was cute.  My kids have me laughing all day, maybe we should have our own show. Here are a few anecdotes that stick out in my mind:

The other day my 8 year old daughter was looking at her naked self in the mirror while she was waiting for the shower water to warm up. She turned to me in all seriousness and worriedly asked, “Why is my butt turning white?”  I tried to be reassuring and not giggle too much as I explained that her butt was the same as it always has been, and that the rest of her body was tanning from being exposed to the sun.  She was very relieved!

For the summer I have the kids on a schedule that includes “quiet time” (crazy idea, I know!).  We turn off all electronics,  get a book or quiet toy and have down time in their room for an hour. A few weeks ago Daddy was home during the week, which really was fun but the kids were staying up extra late, getting up early and with all the excitement we all really needed this rest time more than ever.  If only the kids saw it that way!  After one especially crazy morning the kids were both going strong with their whining and resisting all efforts to rest. Finally Daddy had enough and ordered them to their rooms. Without missing a beat, our precious princess puts her hands on her hips looks him straight in the eyes and pronounces, “We hate quiet time! If we had more brothers and sisters, we would be an angry mob!”   I really don’t know where she heard that phrase, but I think I will blame Sponge Bob.


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  1. Quit making your daughter sit in bleach! 😉

    Oh…and evil Shells tagged me, so well, I tagged you. 😀


    Comment by snigsspot — July 20, 2007 @ 3:04 pm

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