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July 25, 2007

Water fell from the sky today!

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It rained!  Not just a little sprinkle but big huge drops that lasted for at least 20 minutes! I let the kids run out and play with their umbrellas (there was no lightening or thunder) They had such a blast and were so happy splashing and jumping in the puddles.  I love watching them play like that, it reminds me of the fun carefree playing I used to do. 

Desert rain 

My parents were really easy going and let us kids run around the neighborhood without much worry. We just had to be in when the street lights came on.  Hubby’s parents were the complete opposite, he had to play inside a small fenced yard.  I would like to allow my kids a little more freedom than they have but it is not easy with all the media hype as to the dangers our kids face nowadays.  Hubby says he thinks his parents were too restrictive for him, but when it comes to his own kids he doesn’t like them out of his site.  It is hard to let the kids be explorers while keeping them on a short leash.  Hubby tells me, “when they are older they can go out on their own”, but they are getting into lazy habits that will be hard to break. 

We are lucky that we live in a neighborhood that has large acre lots so there is a lot they can do in our own yard. Many of the neighbors have horses and pools so we all have fenced lots, but we also have gates into each other backyards so the kids can go through the yards instead of going around the block.  Sounds really great but it is not so good when the kids want to go bike riding and skateboarding…in opposite directions!


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  1. Wasn’t the world a simpler place when we were kids? It’s hard finding that perfect balance between over-protecting (which is needed) and letting them find their independence.

    Comment by snigsspot — July 26, 2007 @ 9:03 am

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