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August 14, 2007

Missing: One 5 year old boy

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I had a bit of heart failure yesterday afternoon.   I went out to meet the school bus a little early, just in case the bus was running ahead of schedule.  There are only 5 stops on the route so this is a possibility, even for the first day of school.  

I stood under the neighbor’s willow tree in an attempt to escape the sun in our 112 degree heat and my neighbor joined me as we anxiously waited to greet our new kindergarteners.   This was her first child to go to school, and Kenny is my last, but we were both just as excited to see our little ones again and readied our cameras to capture their first steps coming home from their new adventure.

The bus came around the corner right on schedule and stopped about 20 feet past the usual stop.  The big kids managed to get off first and KK came running up to me in a panic, “Kenny isn’t on the bus!  He got off at another stop!”  She didn’t see him get off, one of the other kids told her after they pulled away. I saw the driver poke his head out the door, then go back inside.  I thought he was waiting for me to tell me what happened but he closed the door and had just put the bus into drive as I got to the front of the bus.  I pounded on the door, “Where is Kenny?!?!” 

The driver opened up the door and seemed to have no clue to what I was asking. I became irate with what appeared to be a lack of concern as he patiently listened to my inquiry. The other kids on the bus knew who I was talking about and made it appear that the driver already had been told that Kenny got off at the wrong place. 

The kids told me Kenny got off at the first stop, he was sitting in the front seat, the bus stopped and he got off.  The first stop is on a busy road outside of our neighborhood with a speed limit of 45mph that is never obeyed. By now I was in a panic.  The driver made an excuse about not having a roster, its the first day, he thought the kids knew where to get off…I couldn’t believe my ears. He is 5 years old! He is wearing a name tag with his bus# and drop info on it, the one the school requires every kindergartener to wear.  How could he lose my kid?!

I took KK and ran the 100 yards to our house, I was trying to decide what to do..should I keep running to the other bus stop? Should I run in the house and get my car keys? Would he be trying to walk home? Or would he just stand there and wait for me? 

The picture of my baby standing all alone on a busy road a mile from home was flashing in my head when I saw a pickup truck slowly coming down my street.  I waved at the truck, I was hoping it was someone looking for house numbers…“please have Kenny!” I thought to myself.

As the truck came closer I could only see one person in the cab, when the driver pulled over I looked in and there he was!  I could just see the top of his blonde little head peeking out from the window. I was so relieved I just began to bawl. I was a blubbering idiot as I opened the door and grabbed my little boy.  I must have said “Thank you” a thousand times. I never got the name of the woman that brought him home but I remember what she told me, “You live in a wonderful neighborhood, we look out for each other here.”  

I am not worried about losing Kenny again, KK has strict instructions to sit next to him this afternoon, but if he manages to get himself off at the wrong stop I know he will be OK.



  1. […] involve an accident.  Oh…I can’t stand reading bus accident reports.  This was at the very bottom of my bus stuff today.  Can you imagine the heart rate of this mom as her little boy doesn’t get off the […]

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  2. I want to slug the busdriver 😦

    Comment by shellssells — August 16, 2007 @ 9:42 am

  3. Shells, you and all my neighbors! We were waiting for the bus to pick up the kids and a neighbor that I had never met before (he lives a half mile down the street and around the corner) stopped and asked me “is this the kid that was let off at the wrong stop?” I said yes and asked him how he heard about it. He told me the whole neighborhood is talking about it and they are all furious at the bus driver.

    On a possitive note, the driver did drive around to look for Kenny and came back to our house to see if we had found him. We talked it out and he apologized and promised to watch out for Kenny.

    Comment by Wizus — August 16, 2007 @ 10:30 am

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