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August 18, 2007

Bratz (and Barbie too!)

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Today I took KK and 3 of her bffs to see Bratz, a movie that has been panned by critics in every newspaper and TV station I have seen. Yahoo! critics give it a combined rating of D-.  With so much negativity I planned accordingly and brought along my PSP just in case I needed to entertain myself.  Normally I don’t agree with the critics, I love movies they hate and I hate movies they love, but with the Yahoo! User Reviews giving it a D rating, I was dreading it.

I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised at the fun I had during the show.  KK has the Bratz animated movies that are out on DVD and she watches them quite often.  I don’t really enjoy the DVDs because I think they are so very corny but the stories are always cute.  This movie has the same corny storylines as I am used to from the DVDs, only live action instead of animation.   I am not sure what the critics look for when reviewing a movie, but seeing how this movie was made for the girls that love Bratz I think it delivered exactly what was promised.

The Bratz are very strange looking, but they really aren’t any worse than Barbie.   I was very much against Bratz when I first saw them and I swore my daughter would never play with those slutty looking dolls, but somewhere down the line I had a change of heart.  I don’t even remember what it was that changed my mind.  What I do like about them is that they are teenagers and not an adult like Barbie. They like to shop and hang out and they have homework and babysitting jobs, Barbie does adult things like go to work, get married and have babies.  Barbie wears just as much make-up as Bratz do, and you can complain about what they wear but Barbie has some questionable clothing choices too. 

I will add that I never wanted KK to play with Barbie either, at least not until she was 5 or so,  but she has cousins that had hundreds of Barbie dolls, paraphernalia and accessories.   Slowly the dolls would show up at our home and she loved to play with them. I would return them to their rightful owner but then she ended up getting a few dolls as gifts from the Grandma I specifically told not give her any Barbies (I put those up, KK was only 2 at the time!). Then the Barbie Princess craze came around complete with DVD movies and it was a natural progression from her love of the Disney princess to the Barbie.  I finally just gave up when Hubby let her pick out the Swan Lake Barbie while they were out shopping at Target.  😛

In conclusion, KK’s Bratz and Barbies do play very nice together so I guess my worries were for naught.   😉


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