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August 31, 2007

Global Warming? No. Its Summer.

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On Wednesday I was lucky enough to see another heat record broken: 29 days of temperatures over 110 degrees F. The previous record of 28 days was set in 1979. We only tied the record for the date’s high: 113.

Have no fear! That high is no where near our highest recorded day here in the metropolitan Phoenix area, also known as the “Valley of the Sun”. Lucky me, I was around here for that day back in 1990. The “official high”, recorded at the Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport was 122. The temperature on the thermometer I had on my back patio said 127. The heat really isn’t all that bad…wouldn’t you love to have your clothes dry before you can finish hanging the whole basket? It was a pretty awesome experience, even the airport had to be shut down because of the heat! We may have felt mighty special that day but that record didn’t break the world record of 136, the honor belongs to Libya and it occurred in 1922. A little closer to home, the highest temperature on record belongs to Death Valley, California. They hit a whopping 134 way back in 1913.

Of course, we are no where near the record of consecutive days of 100 degrees or higher…that belongs to a place down south in Australia: 162 days! That event didn’t occur this year or last year. Nope. That happened back in 1923. We only had 41 days of 100+ weather this year. Our record is from 1993 when we had 76 straight 100+ days. (Thats funny, I took racquetball lessons at an outdoor court (evening of course!) and I don’t remember it being that hot that summer). I take these numbers in stride. Our miles and miles of blacktop add what we call “Heat Islands”. For me, the drive from downtown to the suburbs will bring a drop in temperature by as much as 8 degrees.

I am not buying into the Global Warming argument that we are causing our planet to melt. Our Earth (and Solar System) is 4 billion years old, the weather is cyclical and those are facts.  Earth gets warm, Earth cools down, Earth gets warm again.  Earth has had 4 major ice ages in its history. Our last big Ice Age spread glaciers way down through North America and carved out the Great Lakes. Did you know that we had a Little Ice Age a few hundred years ago? If you have seen the picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware River then you may have noticed the chucks of ice he had to navigate. It is not normal for the Delaware River to freeze!

Answers.com says the definition of “Ice Age” is : A cold period marked by episodes of extensive glaciation alternating with episodes of relative warmth. With that, some people say Earth’s warming means we may still be in an ice age, that this is just the warming period before the next glacial advance. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I enjoy the heat a lot more than I enjoy the cold. Believe or not, in the winter I can drive 1 hour north and get this:

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The kids make a snowman, throw some snowballs, slide down the hill a few times, complain they are cold and wet, we hop in the car and come home to the low desert. Thats about as much as we can handle of temps below 65. If we are going to be breaking records from 100 years ago, I’d rather be it a little warmer than a little cooler.

Of course, that is, as long as its a dry heat!



  1. I’ve long been of the thought that the seasons are changing, seems to me that summer sticks around longer, it doesn’t snow until after January, and can snow all the way into late May. So as far as I am concerned, rather than warming up entirely, the seasons are just a bit different in time frames than they were when I was growing up.

    Comment by shellssells — September 4, 2007 @ 6:00 am

  2. I grew up in Hawaii so I never experienced weather changes as a kid. It was in the 80’s every single day, and I believe it is still that way. 🙂 I spent 1984 in Iowa and it first snowed on New Years Day, then melted right after Valentine’s Day. That was Winter enough for me!

    Comment by Wizus — September 5, 2007 @ 12:39 pm

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