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August 31, 2007

Hey, Lady! Let me ruin your day!

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Do you ever get the feeling that something bad is about to happen? You don’t know what it is but all of a sudden there is an air of foreboding? That happened to me today, and it happened way to quick for me to backtrack.

The day was going well enough. I was lucky enough to be able to meet Hubby for lunch. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table but that was OK. He told me work was slow, he was the only one in the office because everyone was taking advantage of the 3 day weekend. He says he will lock up early and come home, his boss is gone and everyone that reports to him is gone too, so why stay? YAY! So far my day is going pretty good!

Next I stop at Target. I just need to pick up a few things and this Target has a Starbucks inside…double YAY! I pull into the parking lot and park next to a large size SUV (this was really a poor choice on my part because I drive a full-size SUV too). I look over and see through their tinted windows that there is a baby standing in the front passenger seat. She is probably 10 months old and she really is pretty cute with a big ol’ grin showing her 2 top teeth. I smile to myself thinking of the days when KK was so little.

I turned off the motor and there it was…that feeling. Something is not right. I take the key out of the ignition I open my door and then it happens…I slip out of my seat, and I mean I literally slipped out of the seat! As I am falling I bang my knee and hit the SUV with my door. I get up, turn around to scan both vehicles and there are no marks. Phew! I begin to walk away when the woman in the SUV slides down her window and yells at me, “Hey Lady! Thanks for banging my car with your door!”

Oh great, I hate confrontation! I knew someone was in the car and I was so busy being upset at myself for my clumsiness that I didn’t stop to think I should yell “Sorry!”

Now I tell her I am sorry, I looked and saw no marks. “Thats not the point!” She yells…snidely I might add.

“Really? What is the point? Would it make you feel better to know I fell on the scorching pavement, that I bruised my knee and it hurts like hell? (I don’t wait for her answers, I just keep talking because thats what I do when someone puts me on the defensive.) If I were you, I would be more worried about putting that precious baby into her carseat rather than trying to ruin someone’s day by giving them grief about something so trivial as tapping your car. You would think you have never, in your entire life, accidentally hit someone’s car with your car door!” (The added punctuation is for clarity…this was more like a run-on sentence when I was saying it.)

At this point I thought it would be good if I just walked away because I was seriously getting a little too upset. But as I did I couldn’t resist, I turned back and yelled to her “Have a nice day!”

Now, of course, I spent my whole time in Target worried about her keying my car. Or maybe she would just be sitting there waiting for me to come out so she could berate me for having the gall to park next to her. I was kinda hoping she would be so I could make her look at my knee, and I could show her my broken fingernail to boot. That would cheer her up! She would be happy to know I am a bona fide klutz, wouldn’t it?

I just don’t understand it. Would you yell at someone for hitting your car with their car door? It was obvious I was not being malicious seeing how I had to pick myself up off the ground. Maybe she was too busy thinking about her precious auto that she didn’t see me disappear under the window? If your vehicle is more important to you than your fellow humankind, maybe you need to park further out in the parking lot. Away from all of us people that might be having a good day.

And she did bang my car with her car door…there were three little marks on my car that were not there before. No worries though, they rubbed right off, just like her attempt to ruin my day! 🙂



  1. Been there, done that!! Good for you!! I agree with the sentiments you’ve expressed!

    Comment by cmmg — September 1, 2007 @ 11:58 am

  2. If I saw someone nearly fall and their door banged mine, I would say something to them alright- something like “Can I help?” or “Are you ok?”. I wouldn’t bash them for bumping my car.

    That said, I HAVE said something to someone who whammed my door without the (real) excuse of having fell or it being an accident.

    A woman of approx 400 pounds parked next to me. She slung her door open and it knocked the hell out of my door. She had poor suspension, so when she got out, the car door sat there, see-sawing up and down against my door, taking the paint off down to the bare metal.

    She looked me dead in the eye and smirked.

    Hell yeah, I said something to her. It wasn’t an accident, it was pure carelessness. What I said to her wasn’t an accident either. 😉

    Izus- you might want to tell someone like you were dealing with to just “Have a day!” instead of adding the “nice” to it. It makes me feel so much better. 😉

    Comment by snigsspot — September 2, 2007 @ 2:58 pm

  3. Snigs, I can see being upset with someone for hitting your car like that. Especially if she gives you a smirk instead of an apology. I hated that this lady confronted me, but when I said I was sorry she should have let it go at that.

    The lady was so worried about her car that when she rolled her window down (it was the passenger side front window) her baby fell back into the seat. The girl was less than a year old and was leaning against the window for support. I think I was more concerned about her kid than she was and I was very relieved she fell back instead of out the window.

    I hope that when she got her little bit of revenge on my car that she did it while buckling up the baby. I also hope it made her feel a little bit better so she would not be driving around town with all that rage.

    I really do want her to have a nice day. I’d rather have my good-feeling vibes go in her direction than her negative karma come towards me! 😉

    Comment by Wizus — September 3, 2007 @ 10:08 am

  4. I might have wanted to say something like…”You’d child is darling, too bad she will probably grow up to be like you.”

    Comment by shellssells — September 4, 2007 @ 6:06 am

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