A Chocolate Donut

June 6, 2008

Donut Day!

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Yes!  You heard me right!  It is Donut Day!  donut

donut Everybody loves donuts. A box of donuts brings everyone together, small talk is made and the morning coffee tastes even better. You cannot eat this yummy morning treat and be grumpy…how can anything go wrong after starting your day with dessert?

Please enjoy the day and remember to celebrate in moderation. donut The donut is to be savored, not devoured.


June 2, 2008

Child Labor

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Aha!  Finally, there something the kids can help with that is constructive!  While we found that they are very good at knocking holes in the walls and pulling up the carpet, there hasn’t been much else for them to do since we were in the break-down stage.  (Well, I should say we haven’t found anything for them to do that they didn’t whine about.) So what did we do last weekend?  Paint!

With a quick lesson from Dad…
Dad shows them the ropes

Kenny is off and running! He wastes no time working in his room.

We so much talked about the fun we would be having that Brynn’s friend insisted she would like to help..
Brynn and Jess

The kids picked out their own colors and I think they did a very good job. We installed some flooring and new ceiling fans last week so their rooms just need some finishing touches…
Brynn’s room:
Brynn's room and I think her ceiling fan is so cute!

Kenny’s room:
Kenny's room

The kids are very proud of their work and are very anxious to get into their new rooms.   At this rate, we will be back in our home in just 2 weeks!




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